Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thoughts on Generation Gap via Problem @ the Office

There was this thread of discussion started by an Architect member today. The original poster related a working environment problem in an architect's office, where he is employed and wanted to get some feedback on a tense working relationship issue with an older employee. It quickly turned into a discussion on older and younger generation gap and there has been some views on it from different age groups including mine, an older generation.

for me, the generation gap issue is the most interesting part of this thread.
there is a truly fascinating generation just entering the work force right now. whatever you call them. okay, call them gen y.
these kids (obviously i am older) have grown up and still growing with some of the most challenging situations that were ever revealed to mankind. the world they are living in, is more populated, more unsafe, more desperate in terms of resources and supplies, more expensive and so on. and interesting thing is, all these issues are on their face everyday through the communication advance like internet. this is no marginal change. it is making things possible that were impossible only few decades ago in the high speeds.
they have to deal with most wide spread vicious marketing and material world, see the gaps between good living and desperation everyday. a lot of these things are also dealt with endless virtual escapades, artificial personalities created on internet, games played without actual physical involvement. arguments constructed via wikipedia or you tube or google information. information is out there have never been in these quantities and they were never this available for simple clicking.
i am fascinated by looking at the impact of all these on the new generation, world, society.
generation change has always happened but this time there is something truly strong, mass manipulated like never before in global scale. the world is very vulnerable out there. there are a lot of unknown impacts and results of our actions today. it will be really interesting 30 years from now and i hope i am around to see all this and how this generation y is going to take getting older. what they would have created by then, and what mistakes they have made.
with the exception of few, i find my own generation totally uninteresting, conservative and faded out already. poor guys, a lot of their lives were short changed for few home entertainment centers, suv's, remodeled homes, group holidays packages and retirement plans for the few short sunset years.
i hope the new generation gets to discover this trick and truly starts to ponder about better ways to exchange labor for life, dignity and joy. and simply don't buy into what has been nicely narrated here.

Generation Y

ironic to cap it off with a you tube essay but i am not about to deny it either.

oh, for the 'old guy' in the office,
collect some money among yourselves, send him to vegas and get him laid by a hot stripper in circus circus... just a suggestion..
-Orhan Ayyuce

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