Saturday, July 26, 2008

Silica Boy Revisited

k-arch, all glass all the time

It has been almost two years since I wrote my now infamous story Silica Boy, in which a modern architecture prowling neighborhood creep told about his digs and two way hard ons...
As I was driving down to Cahuenga Blvd. on Woodrow Wilson Drive at the skirt of Hollywood Hills, lo and behold, I saw this gem, which would make Silica Boy drool over and cause a sure accident on the winding road.
I reached for my ever so ready camera to take a picture from my car, I shook my head and workers finishing up some details around the aquarium of an house nodded in approval...
Later on the freeway, I thought this particular house must also be about that certain 'trendy glass cladding days' might be over.

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myriam said...

oh my goodness, orhan, that is HIDEOUS!