Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Artful Writing for Architecture Students

I am posting this to draw your attention to something that
will be a major part of student projects in time of public presentation.
Needlessly to say,
I've had a similar experience recently as a jury in main space, Sci Arc.

"Black holes, notoriously resistant to improvement through
the design proc-ess, aren't the most glamorous subjects for student architects.
But one black hole in architecture education demands transformation:
Too many architecture students can't write.

I recently had the opportunity to hear graduate students at
the Yale School of Architecture defend their designs at a midterm studio review,
a distinct pleasure marred only by a curiously repeating incident.
Under vigorous grilling from professors,
several students became inarticulate and
left participles or sentences dangling,
while nervously gesturing toward their tabletop models of urban renewal.
Mere nerves?
Surely understandable in any student-faculty
exchange with a grade at stake,
heightened by their peers looking on.
But then I noted moments when their
professors also seemed at a curious loss for words.
More privileged than their students,
they concealed their unease with grandiose arm gestures.

Full article | via thanks farmer.

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