Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Film Minute: Isabella Rossellini's 'Green Porno' Explores Insect Sex

Speaking of small vignettes and one minute projects,
I have noticed this article in a German newspaper,
regarding Isabella Rossellini's latest film project
shown at Berlinale.
A very imaginative example of creating short
stories from everyday life and use of metaphors in film making.
Plus, a great critique
of mobile communications and pornography in one minute,
which equals a day in a fly's life!

"Isabella Rossellini is showing
her short film "Green Porno" at this year's Berlinale.
The movie, which was made for mobile phones,
shows the actress dressed up as various insects doing what comes naturally.

"If I were a dragonfly," says Isabella Rossellini,
"I would have compound eyes and could look up,
down, back and forth at the same time.
I would have a very skinny body and transparent wings.
" This simple statement marks the beginning of eight stories
dealing with the sex lives of insects. But worse is yet to come,
as these creatures usually have to pay for their casual flings
-- often with their lives.
This is no obstacle for the actress and director,
who plays eight different insects in her
"Green Porno" short film and obviously
enjoys depicting the coitus of fireflies and other insects.
The eight one-minute episodes are
both informative and amusing,
showing plenty of interesting details on
this somewhat unorthodox theme."

Full article, via spiegel online |
Interview with the artist including
short scenes from the film at Sundance

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