Thursday, July 24, 2008

R M Schindler's Mackey Apartments

Mackey Apartments, R M Schindler, 1939

Last week was one of those rare opportunities that MAK owned Mackey Apartments were open to public and the event was coupled by Judith Sheine's talk on Schindler. While we are here, I'd like to mention Ms. Sheine's book called, simply, 'R M Schindler.'

I have not heard what she talked about due to full capacity of the small apartment she gave her lecture. But nevertheless, I had a good chance to walk around and inspect the whole four (now five) unit building once again in twenty years.
Oh, I would like to mention that my first visit around 1986 was with a real estate agent who was showing the dilapidated building on the market for $350K. Needless to say the poor young graduate of an architecture school was only posing as a buyer. But what an opportunity that was...

It was nice to learn from the director of the MAK, Kimberli Meyer that MAK acquired the building and the Central Office of Architecture restored the building beautifully to its original condition in mid 90's without a great strain.
Furthermore, it is delightful to see such buildings kept open to public for all to learn from.

Mackey Apartments Interior

And here is an excerpt from their website;
"Located on a flat lot in a residential neighborhood, the originally four-unit (since converted to five) apartment building is one of a series of residential projects built in the 1930s. Unlike international-style architects, Schindler seldom designed identical apartment units; his apartments are as complex, individual, and innovative as his houses. The Mackey possesses typical Schindler characteristics: compact apartment layout, exceptional incorporation of natural light, built-in furniture, variable ceiling heights, and private outdoor gardens or mini-balconies."

Schindler's 'lights'

In this apartment, no unit is alike and Schindler's masterful level changes and spatial genius come to life as the architect grabs light from every possible opportunity to set everything in motion.

One curious detail; I was also wondering if Schindler wanted to make sure the tenant came back to right garage after a late night wild party...
Don't drink and drive!



fleur de gris said...

this guy was just there too. maybe you saw him. (he's one of my flickr contacts.)

Orhan Ayyüce said...

thanks fleur. i have not seen him or don't remember. thanks for the link. he has some great pics of baldwin hills village (arguably the best housing project in LA) and other buildings.