Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Business of Site Selection Before Going to Sleep!

I know we have our birds to guide us to a perfect site,
I know some of us are already set our eyes on empty lots
here and there,
and I know some of us still contemplating where we go from here to
locate our programmatically developing projects.

I have entered a search on google for 'site selection' and,
to my minor surprise,
discovered that this is a billion dollar business on global scale.

I mean, consultants will find you sites to develop your buildings,
tire factories, steel mills, dams, schools,
there are even memorandums on
Mars landing site selections
and options!

You name the project,
and there will be a site for it appearing soon enough,
for a price of course.

There are also public programs to read the titles,
if you would, and programs for

Some of the criteria is useful to us and some criteria
we can not apply
anywhere near to our projects.
Nevertheless, I just wanted to share fine art of site selection for
your abstractions and further considerations.
I know you will be sleeping good with this material!

Isn't studying architecture great? communities.

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