Thursday, August 6, 2009


“Music has been my outlet, my gift to all of the lovers in this world. Through it, my music, I know I will live forever. ”

Michael Jackson lived one of the most extravagant, magnificent, and crafted lives in centuries. What act of design could possibly outshine the combined effect of the star's own intricate life?

While the music and images Michael left us will seal his cultural immortality, we are still obliged to commemorate him. What is the nature of a monument to Michael Jackson? What single place do we choose to remember a person who touched the globe and had aspirations for the moon?

What is the appropriate scale to remember a man who operated on everything possible -from the studied renovation of his own human form to the creation of an architectural-scale wunderkamer at Neverland Ranch? What design proposal can top his own unrealized plans to construct a 50-foot robotic replica of himself that roams the Las Vegas dessert shooting laser beams out of its eyes?

Live Forever challenges you to design a monument to the epic that was Michael Jackson. There are no limits to this open competition. Your monument may be located anywhere you choose and be any scale that you deem appropriate.

Christopher Hawthorne - Los Angeles Times Architecture Critic
Michael Bierut - Pentagram / DesignObserver
Sam Jacobs - Fat / Strange Harvest
Orhan Ayyuce - Archinect Senior Editor
Bryan Boyer - Archinect Senior Editor
Paul Petrunia - Archinect Founder/Publisher
Heather Ring - Archinect Senior Editor

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