Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An express commentary on Manuel DeLanda lecture on 02.06.08

Manuel DeLanda: The New Materialism and the Mind

It was an engaging lecture.
I specially found DeLanda's comparative presentation of Kant and Hume
very informative and enjoyable,
using playful illustrations such as;
Eskimos' twentynine names for snow, meanings of meaning and life before language.
Modern philosophy 'explained' in a nut shell.
Last part of the lecture on
artificial intelligence was somewhat
challenging and fashionably familiar for the audience of architects.

My reading of his conclusions was that,
we will be spending a lot of time in this century charting and organizing the unknown,
which will bring us many non linear surprises just about anything.
Seems like insect level capabilities of present AI technology
shall soon grow much more complex and
pattern-map out fascinatingly vast plateaus (no
Deleuze pun).
I will further look up for DeLanda's work.
I recommend this lecture for those who are interested in artificial intelligence,
algorithmic constructions, pattern associations and linguistics.

At the end of the lecture,
die hard Nietzschean Eric Moss' center point opening on Hume as 'sceptical realist,'
was met by an hypermodern inspired and seemingly
hidden move by DeLanda! No dark matter for him.

(re printed from Archinect school blog entry)

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