Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Salty Dog Bites the Hand

This exhibition emerges from a two-year seminar-laboratory on globalization taught by Allan Sekula at the California Institute of the Arts. No idea of globalization is worth its salt unless it tastes of the sea and seaports. Why is the Port of Los Angeles considering promoting an international art biennial like other ports? Why is the waterfront getting gussied up, with stacks and stacks of monuments to industries and jobs that have vanished? We looked at other ports and waterfronts, from Ensenada to Istanbul. We even took a bargain-basement cruise, and tried to figure out how the cruise lines make their profits. And we wondered if a small exhibition produced by a small group of collaborators could address the confluence of local and global forces in a port city in a more modest and efficient and quirky way than a big international exhibition. What happens to the ocean when we eat big fish that eat little fish? Can a satellite photograph of a container terminal translate into minimalist origami? What does an old sea captain have to say about the monster port?

The exhibition features work by 2008 MFA graduates Ian Arenas, Allie Bogle, Louisa Conrad, Lindsay Foster, Sidonie Loiseleux, Justin Long, Alejandro Sanchez, and Carlin Wing, 2007 MFA graduate Heather Rasmussem, CalArts Photography and Media faculty members Andrew Freeman and Allan Sekula. Curated by Allan Sekula in collaboration with the artists.

Angels Gate Cultural Center

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