Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Journal

With all the people traveling and taking pictures of beautiful places they are vacationing, I feel like the people in old city, in front of the social club, a coffee house or the tailor shop, freshly hosed down, you and your friends consider once a year visit to central park of the city a trip to countryside, never leaving the neighborhood, the street, the smell of the buildings, sounds of children playing on the sidewalk, vendors selling their goods, occasionally a rat chased by few people, noise of cars from the boulevard beeping on impulse, friends stopping and chatting about the family, gossiping about the neighbors, regulars playing cards inside the club and the man with a trilby hat talking like a mob boss, every page of the newspaper on the card table is read and creased, this is the city life in the summer, this is New York, Los Angeles, this is Istanbul, this is Cairo, this is Rome, half empty, this is where the old oscillating fans blow and you hear someone washing dishes from upstairs apartment.. This is a travel to everyday life in metropolis.