Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Site analysis; via Rome

Illustrator David Macaulay talks about,
how he sketched Rome through the eyes of imaginary characters he created.
The presentation is from TED talks and
is a great example of how to map out,
sketch and analyze physical environment as it relates to story making.
The video is about 21 minutes long and worth every minute of it.
It is somewhat connected to the guidelines you are working with,
in your studio project. While he draws his sketches of Rome,
author assumes the roles of zeppelin pilot, scooter rider, a perfect date,
a pigeon and even a soccer ball bouncing buildings and plazas.

"Despite a love and fascination for Rome
dating to his days as an architecture student,
David Macaulay found the path to
his book Rome Antics took some unusual (and frustrating) turns.
Through failed pop-up designs,
scribbled out title possibilities, surreal sketchbook pages
(think "Piranesi meets Escher"),
and rambling story lines,
Macaulay details each step of his winding journey towards completion
of his illustrated homage to the city."

TED video of Macauley's presentation
Thank you Nam Henderson

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