Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

woodlawn cemetery, santa monica, valentine's day
I have visited the Woodlawn Cemetery, on my way to dog park. On Valentine's day. As I was driving by the Fourteen Street and Pico Blvd., in Santa Monica, I was drawn into the cemetery, perhaps by the light it bounced from its green open spaces. I parked the car with the puppies watching me with curiosity and took two pictures, latter one looking up to sky, is an accidental one as I was trying to close the camera.
I have seen a family and a single young man praying by the side of different graves. Both graves looked fairly fresh. The other graves looked well adjusted and weathered, countering sadness of recent departures from this world, with the longevity of love...
What stranger visits a cemetery on Valentine's day?
woodlawn cemetery, santa monica, valentine's day

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