Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Architectural firms' websites become more and more like magazines

thoughthubs copy

Thoughthubs, Geographies, Economic News, In-House Articles and similar titles are becoming build in sections of large architectural companies' websites. It is no longer enough for global clients to see and admire the few drawings and finished project photographs. They want to know how the firm is dealing with financial crises, employee cutbacks and what they are working on which locations at the moment.

HOK Message to Our Clients (move the mouse on HOK logo)
SOM on Bending the Grid
RTKL on ThoughtHubs
Foster Essays
OMA on TVCC Fire (news section)

These are great examples on how today's practices continuously handle their own press and stay relevant. Most we have been reading in magazines have been infomercials anyway...

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Here's another website that I like. Good blog, too