Saturday, August 23, 2008

Three States in One Day: Arches and Kiss My Cherokee Ass

DSCF5291smSt. Louis in motion

We have been driving on West 44 toward Oklahoma City and than switching to 40 West thereafter...
I remember getting into an argument with Tina over cleaning up the house when we arrive in Los Angeles. It happened while passing by Indianapolis. We should have stop there and see some friends, but the city was already ten miles behind and we were no longer arguing.
Please understand, the road is addictive and it feels like you are on a mission to add that extra milage so you are ten more minutes closer to home even though you still have over 1500 miles to drive.
Only sight seeing is from the driver's seat and mind.

The state of Indiana terminated in Missouri, where ever and omni present McDonald's clean bathrooms and Saarinen's Italian copied arch made impression.
I did not know that one time "show me how" state, MO, sat on a bedrock and is very pretty.

We are on historic route 66 but only poetry left is the next pit stop.

I am on a mission to get to LA. The car is loaded with three sets of china and a rooster lamp. Plus all the silver. We are loaded...

will rogers
The arch of Oklahoma and a tribute to Will Rogers

Oklahoma had its own arch over the interstate 44. The Bigmac could be consumed looking over the freeway from the arched building and Will Roger's statue. Sure you don't forget the name on the plexiglass and artifical stone veneer base... The name is used in next 30 miles or so with countless travel depended enterprises and special gift shop business.

A creative photo with the see thru salad plate lid

Oklahoma appears with its Halliburton economy, trying wind power and a Cherokee Chief saying "kiss my ass" in his own way... He only trusts the freeway below.
I was going to take a picture of a buffalo on the premises but the poor animal was too tired from the freeway noise and was hiding in the shade structure. So, here is an angry depiction of him in fiberglass.


halliburtonHalliburton economy

The Chief

windpowerTwo sources on the horizon

More tomorrow, from Amerillo, Texas and New Mexico, and, maybe Arizona...


Donna said...

Aw, Orhan I would have loved to host you guys here in Naptown but totally understand the need to movemovemove when on a road trip! It feels weird to get stop when you've been driving for hours, your body still wants that forward motion!

If you can stand to slow the pace a bit, skip over to a back road from time to time if you can, the interstate is too boring. I just looked up who said "Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is now possible to travel from coast to coast without seeing anything" - Charles Kuralt.

Enjoy the ride and be safe!

Buffy said...

Interesting to know.