Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our New Capitol

"At 10am, the delegates walked to the Carpenters' Hall, where they took a view of the Room... The general cry was that this was a good Room and the question was put, whether we were satisfied with this Room."
- John Adams recounting the first meeting of the Continental Congress on September 5, 1774

Our New Capitol from Bryan Boyer

If you remember when I have posted Harvard GSD master's thesis proposal of Bryan Boyer, you will now enjoy his completed thesis. Boyer published his brilliantly worked out proposal for the new US capitol in his blog at Archinect and the work is now my favorite thesis project in a long time.
It is one of those works that actually come to a thesis grade frutation via thesis grade thinking, selection, proposition, research, position, political commentary, design know how and critical properties. I will not say more since it is beautifully documented and developed.

An ephemeral Detail from the project

More with comments at Bryan Boyer's Archinect blog
@ flickr

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