Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 3 (Simulacra day): Texas-New Mexico-Arizona

open skies

10 am. Sunday morning, trucks are whizzing by and there are many attractions from the driver's seat.
Sunday special on 40 West.
I keep thinking about Baudrillard and Simulacra and Simulations.
He says and I quote;
"The simulacrum is never that which conceals the truth--it is the truth which conceals that there is none. The simulacrum is true."

I am still thinking over that quote as the Christian radio politicizing the benefits of the family and dangers of gay marriage.
Family is the economic engine of capitalism. Every advertisement is directed to family... At least on TV.
Of course without family, economy would go upside down and drown.
I add; no kids, no banking, no purchases, no school funds, no real estate sales, no bike purchases and no sales Christmas season.
Above "no's" with some safe little exaggerations for the effect.

The road is long. I jump from one thought to the other. And occasionally I get to understand something or an idea. Then, an image brakes in and makes everything forgotten or even more reinforced.

In Arizona, there is a small town called Adrian, just before a small town called Vega.
"Adrian Vega" would make a great pen name...

Only reality is the asphalt...

Some highlights;

Spotted the world's largest Cross (taller than the one we saw near Indianapolis but same design.)
largest cross texasLargest cross

hunter joeHunter Joe with his kills moving to Arizona

indian trucking
Indian trucker stop
. There is a whole Indian trucker sub culture on the road. My first experience with it depicted in these pictures.
indian trucking 3
Did you think I was kidding you?

old66Occasional visit to old route 66 for the nostalgia, but the Interstate 40 is where it is at. I add to what I said yesterday, "poetry of 66 is now four lane; two to the East and two to the West

bad boys of mcdonaldOh, bad boys of McDonalds "Fries please"

german touristsGerman tourists

paddygPaddy G is thirsty again...We love her! She is a Highway Star (click here to listen her song)

We are now in Holiday Inn, Arizona... The cargo is still safe. I feel like the traveling rug dealer dealing out of the trunk...

arch of arizonaAnd Arizona has its own arch...

Tomorrow is California... Home...

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Nam said...

I guess it shouldn't surrpise me but the part about the Indian trucker subculture i found very interesting. I would love to find out more about it..

Perhaps, i will have to do some research.