Thursday, May 13, 2010

Posting Types: Racist Geert Wilders Inspires Unemployed Architects


Posted here in the internet by someone who calls himself Geertrude, possibly inspired by this Geert:

"25 Americans, on average, are killed by illegal aliens every day (about evenly split between motor vehicle accidents and outright murder).

Do the math: That works out to more than 9,000 deaths per year, or more than 36,000 deaths over the past four years. That's more than ten times the number of Americans killed in Iraq over the past four years"

Some will argue that the statistic represent a general number applied over all of population, but simplistically, eliminating Illegal immigrants would have saved 36,000 lives. Simple math.5/13/2010

prompted this response:

fighting against getting help to cope with all the fear and hatred, (your) information shows you have been doing badly, your sketchy assessments are not very good, 'you think' people coming after your livelihood of assumed 'owning' but real life is more co-operatively earned and populated than you paint and broadcast, your mathematical ideas unimaginatively dwelling on even more irrelevancy and eventually located in the losing end of those very snake oil statistics. you will remain minority within the bending blinders of your own mind and relating to crude extinction of your last island of greedy existence of self entitlement, period.
your dividends are desperate and your propaganda is only worthy of selfish panic.
it must be a hell thinking like that, day in and day out, nights included, which are dark and long, sort of, cold, lurking around getting away with murderous misdemeanors when it comes to you, causing your own kind of limited experience of life itself, wasting away and never get to the work of everyday living, are you really for war or a fight even though my consensus is you are the warrior-less warring kind dodging the shots on you while confined to living in the under-neat bunkers of fear without a chance of sustainable evolve. you will meet zapotec since it lives in many other minds, except, he is like that on your face, died fighting. who do you have? other than rusting border patrol vehicles as your 'tool' of corpse producing army of one liners power mongering on the gasolined desert heat and as if you personally preferred to join with them against the possibility of getting along with the world and helping your people live better, free of nightmare scenario management.
- oa

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