Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A NEW INFRASTRUCTURE Competition - [WE WON! (something)]

Our project 15 UP 15 Down won a special jury picking in much coveted Sci Arc Transportation competition.
Project was mainly drawings of Glen Howard Small's vision of West LA, suggesting transportation and urban alternatives.
I was glad to be the in-house crit and spark plug to get my friend going...
Glen started his drawings in Managua and after being, the Santa Monica Emergency room for kidney staone problems until midnight and finishing the boards in next two days in my small office, project by personally delivered by Glen and, yes, they are all drawn by hand.

See the results at Bustler


eric chavkin said...

The infrastructure design is strongest in its use of solar orientated as the form generator.

The educator Ralph Knowles study ENERGY and FORM looked at the cliff dwelling MESA VERDE and derived his energy and form concepts from there. Glen Small of course knew of Knowles book and research at USC and his Turf Town envelope was influenced by his solar zoning concepts.

What Small did was just use a simple solar diagram of a 28 degree angle that every
developer could understand and went with the worst day in the winter of Los Angeles, and make it all green.

Knowles work in Small's words was 'esoteric and unpractical' and Small felt that Knowles was more interested in complicated solar envelopes.

Small asked Knowles to look at Turf Town at when in was in the 1984 Olympic architecture at exposition park near USC. Knowles 'never got back to me.'

The applications of ecological greening may seem a no brainer now but thirty-seven years ago this was futuristic.

Orhan Ayyüce said...

thanks eric.