Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Libyan Museum of Conflict

Image via Bustler.net

London-based Metropolitan Workshop has won a closed competition for the new Museum of Conflict in Tripoli, Libya. The museum will house permanent and special exhibitions on Libya’s unique history, telling the story of campaigns and conflicts that have shaped the country from colonial power to independent state.

Interesting angle for a museum (with pun.)
If it becomes what I think it should, I would like to visit this museum someday.

My grandmother had to relocate to Istanbul following Italian occupation, leaving most of her family property in Tripoli. Being the oldest daughter, she had to care for her two younger sisters and a brother, which was pretty gutsy thing to do for a young independent spirited muslim woman, roughly around 1915-20 during WWI.
I grew up listening her nostalgic stories of Libya, the white marble lined streets of Tripoli and Benghazi.
They spared us from difficult facts of exodus. Maybe for good. My mother says we still have some distant relatives there. According to my calcs, I am up to 12.5% Libyan/berber.
Maghreb is a complicated place, for its countless historical conflicts and for providing elasticity for etnicity investigations.
I hope the museum, a stealth fighter looking place for a minute, goes further than displaying war machines and armory as depicted in the rendering and traces human stories and lessons of wars as well.

Maybe I am feeling nostalgic of my grandmother's nostalgia, visualizing the museum of my own family's conflicted history...

Image via Bustler.net

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