Monday, September 15, 2008

56 Leonard Street, Where Public Art Is "F.....g Self Reflection"

A specially commissioned sculpture by Anish Kapoor at the entrance of hi end real estate. Via Dezeen

What makes Anish Kapoor farting public art in New York?

Public art couples with property sales and marketing.
Art loses.
Sculpture with cubic yard value or something like that. Or, art as decoration, as package deal, as 'it comes with it'.., on your corner, on your face.
See your reflection and size yourself against the multi million dollar dwellings...

Here is a quote from the article regarding culture and profits;
"Fully integrated into the architecture itself as if to say that culture and the city are 'indivisible,' Kapoor’s massive, reflective stainless steel piece – an enigmatic balloon-like form that appears to be combating compression from above – will be a new cultural landmark in Tribeca and the artist’s first permanent 'public' work in New York City."

'Indivisible' we stand, buddy...
Condo prices of the development will flactuate between 3.5 million to 33 million. Hurry. It is our culture.

On the other hand;
They should increase the fees and get the real deal Jeff Koons.
He could make a nice shiny doggy style fuck in front corner. Very appropriate about what goes on upper floor sales.
The 'public' would really like that.

"...Damn, without public I am so lonely in my glass palace..."

Full Coverage @ dezeen

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